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Oxygen Analyzer OXITEC® 500E SME5

OXITEC 500E Extractive Oxygen Analysing System

Self checking

High accuracy and reliability

Display with clear test for operator guide

Recalibration with air

Appropriate for measuring in wet gas

Product Description:

The Oxygen Analyzer that continuously measure flue gas excess oxygen levels in both wet, dry and non-combustible gases. The ZrO2 measuring cell and furnace assembly are incorporated inside the 19" rack mounted electronics package.
The electronics package utilities modular constructions with the very latest manufacturing methods, standards and prices conforming to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards. The design also incorporates highly accurate electronics capable of controlling the heater temperature to within 0.25°C while being completely user friendly via the simple key panel controls. All parameters are monitored and controlled continuously and can be displayed on demand in English, or selected language text, via the display. Data inputs are entered via the  keypad panel.
The OXITEC® 500E SME5 is available in 19" Rack control room style mounting and can have limiting values and fully automatic calibration if required.
 Technical Data:

Main connection

230/115 V, 50/60 Hz


approx. 16 kg

Ambient temperature

0  - 55 °C


19" rack 4HE

Case protection

IP 20

Measuring principle

Zirconium oxide

Measuring range 


Measuring accuracy 

+/- 0.05% O

Relay contact

system fault, maintenance 

Measuring gas flow

5 - 80l/h

T90 time

approx. 10sec. with 60l/h

Gas connections

Swagelok 6mm fittings 




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