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Oxygen Analyser OXITEC® 5000

OXITEC 5000 InSitu Oxygen ( O2 ) Analysing System

All OXITEC® Oxygen Analyser Systems Have the Following Outstanding Qualities:

  • Automatic start-up through intelligent electronic

  • No calibration necessary

  • Maximum precision of measurement

  • Complete package including installation accessories and connection cables

  • Integrated pneumatic unit

  • Maximum protection for the measuring cell ensures reliable and long-lasting operation

  • Maintenance-free technology and design

  • Components can be replaced by the customer

  • Gas-tight cell design using ENOTEC soldering technique

  • No need for gas sampling and processing

  • Explosion-proof designs

  • Probes are suitable for applications at up to 1400°C

  • Optimum positioning in the flue gas stream for representative O2 values measured

  • Individual manufacturing technology

  • Comprehensive accessories


SME5 Electronics Unit in 19" Rack Mounting Module

Innovative Electronic Analysis Technology designed for Maximum Accuracy of Measurement with Simple Operator Interface

Unrivalled Range of Functions:

Accuracy of measurement: deviation of only 0.2% from measured value
Fully automatic calibration
Storage of measured values
Freely adjustable output attenuation
Electronically monitored pneumatic unit for reference air and calibration gas
Two freely adjustable measuring ranges
Double limit monitoring
Intuitive operation via soft keys
Status display with on-line help
Display capable of graphics with
Digital display
Plain-text display

Technical Data: 

Dimensions:: see dimension drawings
Mains voltage: 230 V/50 to 60 Hz tolerance +/-10%
115 V/50 to 60 Hz tolerance +/- 10%
Power consumption: 400 VA during heating up
100-200 VA during operation
Series fuse recommended: 10 A
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
other temperatures on request
Immunity from disturbance: nach EMVG und Niederspannungsrichtlinie 72/73 EWG
EN 50081-2: July 1993
EN 50082-2: March 1995
Relay outputs: floating: 230 V~ 5 A resistive load
Analogue input of the cell:: Re:    >9 MOhm
Ue:    -4,5mV to +265 mV
Resolution of A/D converter
in the active measuring range:
14 Bit + sign
Analogue input of thermocouple:  Re:    >900 kOhm
Temperature compensation: electronic
Signal output 0/4 to 20 mA: burde max. 500 ohm, potential-free
Response time of mA output: < 200 ms
Display: LCD, LED-illuminates, 240 x 64 points, graphic display
Interfaces: RS 232, RS 485, bus compatible
Accuracy: +/-0,2% from the measured value



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