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the Economy System for Small Package Boilers & Furnaces

The OXITEC® ECONOMY System is available for small to medium size packages boilers. The package comprises a non-sampling Zirconium probe, Microprocessor Electronics and interconnecting cable with probe quick-release plug connector. The electronics also has a power cord pre-wired ready for start up.

The probe has a simple filter head
assembly incorporating a sintered
metal filter element for cell protection    
and trouble free operation in high
dust atmospheres.

The probe uses the same high quality OXITEC® measuring cell with the heat, thermocouple and other internal field replaceable components. The OXITEC® ECONOMY Systems provides:

  • High Quality
  • Low Cost
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy Installation
  • Factory calibration


The latest microprocessor technology is used to monitor and control the operation of the probe to provide a true Oxygen process value reading.


OXITEC® InSitu Oxygen Analyzer Technology
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